Proven Techniques For Natural Beauty & Health

With global warming and the green movement on a vast majority of peoples minds, then it is no surprise that trying to help the environment, themselves and very importantly their pockets, people are discovering that making natural beauty and health recipes at home will help in every way. Buying “natural” beauty products in the shops tends to be more expensive than buying their toxic counterparts; but by making them at home you will save money and the environment. Who doesn’t want to do that?   Most people who decide to make their own natural beauty products have little or no experience. This is where most people get discourages, where do they start, what do they need, what quantities etc., etc. This is the point where most people give up before they have even started and they go back to buying the toxic commercial products and their planet destroying habits.

Firstly when deciding to make your own natural beauty recipes you should do some research.

If something is worth doing then it’s worth doing a little work. The internet of course is a great resource in finding out about the different ingredients used in the recipes. You can find out about tips and tricks from people who have made the recipes before. You can learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences before

attempting to make the recipes yourself. My philosophy is why learn the hard way learn from other peoples mistakes!   Buy a good reference book of natural beauty and health recipes. You won’t always be next to a computer when you are in the middle of one of your creation. Having a good reference book on essential oils is a must, since in a lot of recipes these are frequently used.

A personal tip – always keep on hand a bottle of lavender essential oil when you are in the kitchen. Lavender and Tea Tree are the only two essential oils that can be used on the skin without diluting. Lavender is extremely useful if you get a burn in the kitchen. You are lifting out something from the oven and you catch you arm. Put on a drop of lavender and the burning sensation will immediately disappear and the burn will heal without scarring. PLEASE NOTE however DO NOT use lavender on a large burnt area of skin or where there is blistering. Seek medical advice.

Quite frequently natural beauty recipes are cooked therefore you will need to purchase separate pans to use exclusively for your recipes. The family will not thank you if their veggies taste like lavender! Furthermore some of the ingredients in these recipes will do wonders for your skin but can cause serious problems if ingested. It is almost impossibly to get a pan completely clean of oils and residue once you have used it for your beauty recipes.

Once you are ready to start on your beauty recipes, make sure you have all your pans and ingredients as well, of course, as your recipe. Make sure you keep the area you are working on clean and free from spills. Make sure you have all the containers that you plan to store your products in ready and waiting.