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Matcha is Japanese green tea powder used as tea or as a component in some recipes. Matcha is an important drink in the traditional Japanese and Buddhist tea ceremony and has been drunk in Japan for hundreds of years. Matcha drinkers ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. Matcha tea drink provides 4 to 6 hours of mild steady energy. It is a stimulant and a relaxant at the same time: it is ideal for focusing on work, exercises, or meditation. Matcha has numerous health benefits. It is a nutritious beverage. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. Matcha contains Catechins only found in green tea. Matcha is naturally mood enhancing. It is an ideal drink for diabetics: it will not raise insulin levels as it is sugar-free.

In terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content, 1 cup of matcha is equal to 10 cups of green tea.

Matcha tea is good for antioxidant protection. Green teas contain a high amount of antioxidants. According to research capacity of matcha tea is higher than blueberries and spinach, known for their high antioxidants levels.

Matcha tea can prevent cancer disease. Scientific research has shown that green tea drinkers have significantly lower risk of cancer disease. Green tea contains a high level of ‘Catechin Polyphenols’. The catechin has the most powerful cancer-fighting properties. Matchatea may be especially helpful in preventing lung, prostrate, breast and skin cancers and helpful against lung cancer in former and present cigarette smokers.

Matcha tea can help in cleansing the body. Matcha tea is a chlorophyll rich food. Chlorophyll is a pigment which gives the leaves their green color. It helps to remove heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body. Matcha tea has the most powerful effect in cleansing the body from toxins because Matcha powdered tea is fully ingested when consumed.

Matcha tea is naturally mood enhancing drink. Theanine improves mood and concentration.

Matcha contains L-theanine (amino acid known to relax the mind). That is why matcha is also known as a mood enhancer. Buddhist monks used matcha for meditation. Also, Matcha’s amino acid, combined with caffeine, offer a continued peaceful alertness over time. Amino acids give Matcha distinctive taste as well. They have creamy mouth feel.

Beauty & Health Oils

I believe in natural home remedies more than some of the traditional scientific cures when possible. I believe natural products can do wonders for your health and beauty. Ailments can be treated with natural methods to resolve physical and emotional issues in many cases rather than with medication. These are alternatives that can be used for different kinds of treatments and conditions. Some of the alternatives to prescriptions can be exercise, dance, yoga, massage, essential oils, etc. Essential oils have been used in the world for centuries as remedies for many different health issues and they are believed to work well with human nature because they are used in their natural state therefore having a natural condition as the common basis for great results. They are easily absorbed by the skin. Accordingly some of the studied strong properties are fighting bacteria, fungi, virus, etc. and repelling insects and other species. Described below are some of the benefits of using essential oils: –

Common uses for relaxation are lavender, ylang ylang, rose, geranium, sandalwood. –

For mood changes try sage, fennel, jasmine or lavender. –

To focus: eucalyptus, basil, peppermint.For pain, sorrow: lavender, sage, eucalyptus, juniper.- Feet corns: one drop each of lemon, oregano, tangerine & myrrh oil.- Inhale eucalyptus or peppermint oil for stuffy sinuses.-

To help hair growth use 4 to 6 drops of rosemary, ylang ylang, cedarwood and clary sage in shampoo.-

For dandruff use 5 drops of lemon oil, one drop of rosemary or sage, and one drop of lavender oil all mixed in a quart of water.

A lot of information is available on the Internet, companies that sell these oils and books on how to use them so that these alternative methods can be really useful as treatments and beauty products. Coconut oil has excellent properties and it does not turn into fat in the body unlike other oils like soy or corn. Coconut oil contains an easy fuel that the body burns without converting it into fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). This fuel (MCT) is more easily absorbed and converted to energy quicker, while most other cooking oils and fats contain long-chain triglycerides (LCT) which are usually stored as fat. For centuries large amounts of coconut have been produced and consumed as food and oil every day in the tropics.

The amount of oil consumed in their diet does not increase their weight but on the contrary helps them to be healthy and lean. When they utilize the other widely used common oils they gain weight and other conditions that result from obesity and are challenges in modern everyday life. Animals fed with coconut oil become lean. This has also been a known fact for people who are in the animal feed business for a long time. When domestic animals are given common vegetable oils, they increase their weight and at the same time produce fatty meat. Coconut oil is one of the best oils you can directly use on your skin and hair, healing and restoring skin to a younger appearance. It has also been known to give temporary relief to skin problems like rashes, help with people who suffer from yeast infections in the skin, recover slow thyroids by reviving production of extra thyroid hormones, as well as many other skin problems. Coconut oil softens and smooths your skin, has antioxidant properties that protect the skin from free severe damage and is an excellent massage oil too. It also helps the body absorb other nutrients like Vitamin E more effectively. It is considered one of the best oils for your health.

Beauty, Health, and Lifestyle

Beauty is something that everyone loves. We all love to look our best when it comes to either going out with your friends, your job, or even just simply because you want to look your best all of the time. Beauty is one of the most common things in the world because it’s a language that many people can speak and share with one another. Most of the time we hate to say it, but it’s women because they always come up with the latest and greatest styles on the market. There is absolutely nothing guys can do about it except envy them for it because they always look their best even when they aren’t trying to. It’s just their common nature. Now I’m here to discuss what types of cosmetics and hottest trends will make you the most beautiful in the way you want them to be.

One question on everybody’s minds is “How do you do this, but stay on an affordable budget and why do people do it?”I can tell you that people do it because they always want to stay hip and young and stay in the game with the younger generations. A huge thing people do is to be something that they’re not and then when they try to act like it, they feel insecure and terrible on the inside that they’re doing it in the first place. The other question is how do you stay on a affordable budget and still get the accessories, cosmetics, and fashion items that you want?I’ll tell you that you should count the amount of money you have and divide it up evenly and make sure your not going over your budget at all. I always found that if I’m going to buy a product I should look how much it is and how much I have in my pocket.

Another huge key element is if you feel comfortable with what your doing to yourself and if it makes you feel bad or not? When it comes to beauty, you always want to get what makes you feel comfortable and if you like the way you look then you need to just go with your first instinct. If you ever see celebrities on TV and like the ad and want the product that they are advertising and it is too much for you and out of your budget, than what you could do is find a similar product, but cheaper than the original that was on TV. If you do it that way you could possibly end up saving money and getting more things that you wanted and by following the same process. Well sure they won’t be the same exact products as you wanted, but they will be very similar to each other.

Another thing that a lot of people worry about is their age. As a matter of fact your age has nothing to do with it and no matter what age you are you can always turn yourself around and find the greatest fashions in your own age group. There are plenty of older people that look great and keep track of themselves very well. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, but the biggest factor is your health and how well you take care of yourself. A lot of people think though that women are always the more stylish ones, but that’s actually true, but believe me there are plenty of stylish guys out there as well, but women we have to hand it over to you because you guys always do look the best whenever we are around you, so are hats are off to you on this. Things though that can make a difference are like some exercise 3-4 times a week or even 60 minutes a day, and the biggest thing to improve your look are cosmetics and those can make you look so much better, but it also depends on the products that your putting on yourself. Basically in so many words what you want to do with the things you get are yours to mess around with. Another important factor is the way you take care of yourself. No matter what age you are, you should always take care of your body and make sure nothing bad happens to it.

Proven Techniques For Natural Beauty & Health

With global warming and the green movement on a vast majority of peoples minds, then it is no surprise that trying to help the environment, themselves and very importantly their pockets, people are discovering that making natural beauty and health recipes at home will help in every way. Buying “natural” beauty products in the shops tends to be more expensive than buying their toxic counterparts; but by making them at home you will save money and the environment. Who doesn’t want to do that?   Most people who decide to make their own natural beauty products have little or no experience. This is where most people get discourages, where do they start, what do they need, what quantities etc., etc. This is the point where most people give up before they have even started and they go back to buying the toxic commercial products and their planet destroying habits.

Firstly when deciding to make your own natural beauty recipes you should do some research.

If something is worth doing then it’s worth doing a little work. The internet of course is a great resource in finding out about the different ingredients used in the recipes. You can find out about tips and tricks from people who have made the recipes before. You can learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences before

attempting to make the recipes yourself. My philosophy is why learn the hard way learn from other peoples mistakes!   Buy a good reference book of natural beauty and health recipes. You won’t always be next to a computer when you are in the middle of one of your creation. Having a good reference book on essential oils is a must, since in a lot of recipes these are frequently used.

A personal tip – always keep on hand a bottle of lavender essential oil when you are in the kitchen. Lavender and Tea Tree are the only two essential oils that can be used on the skin without diluting. Lavender is extremely useful if you get a burn in the kitchen. You are lifting out something from the oven and you catch you arm. Put on a drop of lavender and the burning sensation will immediately disappear and the burn will heal without scarring. PLEASE NOTE however DO NOT use lavender on a large burnt area of skin or where there is blistering. Seek medical advice.

Quite frequently natural beauty recipes are cooked therefore you will need to purchase separate pans to use exclusively for your recipes. The family will not thank you if their veggies taste like lavender! Furthermore some of the ingredients in these recipes will do wonders for your skin but can cause serious problems if ingested. It is almost impossibly to get a pan completely clean of oils and residue once you have used it for your beauty recipes.

Once you are ready to start on your beauty recipes, make sure you have all your pans and ingredients as well, of course, as your recipe. Make sure you keep the area you are working on clean and free from spills. Make sure you have all the containers that you plan to store your products in ready and waiting.

Low Carb Diabetic Diet

Diabetes is an illness that is characterized when the body is unable to produce insulin or when the body is not able to respond to the insulin produced in the body. The result of this is high blood sugar content inside the body. That is why, diabetics are required a low carb diabetic diet, which can help regulate blood sugar levels inside the body.

It is a common misconception that the only food that diabetics cannot eat is sugar. That is not true, if there is one thing that diabetics have to look out for is the high amount of carbohydrates inside their bodies. This is because high carbo food such as rice, bread and flour and starch in potatoes, corn and other crops can cause a huge spike in the blood glucose level inside the body. What doctors usually prepare for diabetics are diets with less carbohydrate, but more on vegetables and healthy grains and fiber.

Also, maintaining a low carb diabetic diet can help some diabetics restore the balance of their blood sugar levels and insulin medication. Why is that? Insulin is essentially a hormone that helps in breaking down fats and glucose in the body. Without insulin, the body’s sugar in the blood is not broken that causing sugar to remain in the blood. With a low carb diet, glucose in blood is significantly decreased, therefore the diabetic person can further regulate or even reduce her insulin intake.

The low carb diabetic diet can help a patient decrease his blood sugar level and improve his condition. As mentioned, less carbohydrates means less sugar in the blood. But apart from that, the low carb diet can help a patient lose a lot of weight. And by losing weight, a patient is already on the way to improvement. This is because losing weight can extremely reduce glucose in the blood. In conclusion, to be able to improve a diabetic’s health, eating low carbohydrate diet is the way to go because it can improve he diabetic’s body reducing body weight and blood glucose.

Beauty Health Hazards

Your body is a vessel, a very fragile vessel that you must take good care of. Your good figure, nice skin, fabulous hair; Yes it’s all young now. However, 30 years from now…will it still look and feel the same? Will you still feel as young and energetic? Will you be able to look like before? Although it is a fact that looks change with time, using the wrong things on your body does not help at all. There are so many things we do with our body without the thought of tomorrow. That is why it is all also essential that we find out exactly what substances were putting in our bodies.

Face Care
Do you normally use anti-ageing creams, acne and scar removers or anti blemish products. If you do, like most of us, you should check the label. You might find several unwanted visitors on the label like Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA and Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHA. If these substances are on the label, you better chuck it out now. Many complaints for the products with these substances include inflammation, burning sensation and pain on the affected areas. If you find that you are experiencing this the first thing to do is to flush the affected area with water, then wipe it with a clean cloth and rush yourself to the E.R to get immediate treatment. It is highly suggested that you use products with trusted brand names. Also consult with a dermatologist to know your skin type and what the best types of face care products suit you.

Hair Care
The hair is the crowning glory. Women always aspire for shiny, smooth and healthy hair. So we bombard our hair with regular trips to the salon, or buy hair kits promising healthy and beautiful hair, but do we even know what is in the shampoos, conditioners, oils, creams and especially hair dyes that we use? Recent studies show that hair dyes could actually make us more prone to a type of cancer on the lymph nodes. The study also shows that most women who color their hair darker are more prone to this disease. So I guess blondes do have more fun. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you opt for more natural or organic based products like coconut shampoos or aloe Vera hot oils. A great way to protect your scalp before treatments is also the use of petroleum jelly.

Skin Care
Many people desire to have whiter skin. Well if you’re using bleaching creams for a long time you might be prone to a disorder where the skin becomes bruised like on the area continuously treated. If this is happening to you discontinue use and contact a dermatologist. You also have to check the labels of your lotions and other skin care products for Phthalates. This substance causes high risk of birth defects for unborn children, reproductive health problems for men and women which increase the risk for cancer. It is suggested that you use whitening and skin softeners with an organic or natural base like papayas, milk, honey and such.

Nail Care
Based on my personal experience, it is always and I mean always a must to make sure your nails get the cleanest treatment from nail salons. Several salons have unsanitary methods when it comes to nail care because they only have 1 or 2 sets of tools for all of their customers. It is better to go to pricey nail salons if it means sterile tools will be used. Always remember that in nail care there are times when you accidentally get cut so that is already an opening where bacteria can enter. Several undesired effects would be bacterial infections, allergies, warts and even yeast infection. So you better make sure your nails are as squeaky clean as they are cute.

Beauty Health Products

For good reasons, beauty health products are just some of the fastest selling produce that is currently in the market today. People from all walks of life purchase beauty health products to improve and enhance their appearance. They too at the same time will improve their health. Unfortunately, there are a lot of this products are not as real as they are advertised to be. There are reports circulating that there are so many fake products that are sold in the market today and most of these counterfeit products can be found in the shelves of the stores where you often shop.

There are claims that some of these fake products are safe but most of them are actually laden with chemical additives that can cause harm. If you really need to look good and feel good at the same time, you must be extra careful when selecting and buying beauty health products. You cannot just purchase the cheapest beauty health product that you will find in a mall. Most of these inexpensive products are mass produced and their manufacturers do not really practice a through high standard quality test. It is fact that many of these cheap products use harsh and harmful chemicals as part of their ingredients.

Finding the Right Beauty Health Products

There are different and various things that you have to consider if you want to purchase beauty health care products.

First, you have to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the production. You must take a harder look into the labels of the product and make sure that you are not allergic to any of those ingredients listed in the label. When you are not familiar with the ingredients listed, it wise to do some research. The internet is the best place to do your research about the ingredients used in these products. You can find most of the information that you need within just a few seconds or minutes.

The price of the beauty health product is the second thing that you need to consider. There are plenty of these products that will cost you a fortune. If you do not have the available cash to pay for those very expensive products, find some other brands that are manufactured by reliable organizations but are not so expensive. On the other hand, if you really need to buy those expensive products but cannot afford to pay their actually price, you will have the opportunity to buy them when they are on sale. Known and reputable stores put up their products up on sale every six months.

How Beauty, Health, and Wellness Businesses

True story.

Last February, I was having a “make-up lesson” at a wonderful cosmetics store in Salem, Massachusetts. The make-up artist (and store manager) naturally struck up a conversation by asking me what I did for a living.

I explained that I worked with businesses in historical communities to incorporate history into their branding and marketing, and I also revealed that I was putting together a program for National Women’s History Month — which takes place every month in March. “I am a business owner and historian,” I continued.

“That’s really interesting,” she said “but I don’t see how history could work here.”

I immediately swung into action. “What do you know about the history of women’s cosmetics?” I asked her. After all, women have been using various potions and substances since ancient times – some of which we are rediscovering today, like mineral-based products.

Make-up itself and standards of beauty have changed dramatically over the centuries as we see in portraits and, more recently, in photographs. Within the 20th century alone, think about make-up styles in the flapper era, in the silent and talk movies of the 1930s and 1940s, in the “domestic goddess” look of the 1950s, and the radical departures of the 1960s and 1970s. All of this history is fun to study, to question the meaning of, and to look at visually.

As it turned out, my new friend the make-up artist had a personal passion about the history of women’s cosmetics. Perfect! I then made the following suggestions.

• For the Women’s History Month program I was creating, I offered to let her give a talk on women’s cosmetics in eighteenth century America. Our theme was women retailers in eighteenth-century Salem, so her talk would fit right in. Her talk, business, and website would all be featured in marketing materials and social media communications.

• On the day of her talk, which would take place at a popular Salem function hall, I suggested she could have a table with information, samples, members of her staff, etc. She also had 10% off postcards to give out to new customers.

She was thrilled! These small actions would put her in front of new audiences AND give her the stature that comes from speaking knowledgeably about her industry’s history. She would also gain credibility as an active corporate citizen, which, in her case, as a new business in town, would do wonders.

I suggested she could also write articles on the subject, publish a small book or Ebook, do a local cable show with a brief chat about make-up then and now and give live demonstrations, and the list goes on. Again, all of these actions would really set her apart from other make-up artists in a way that residents of a very historical region would notice.

These ideas could also apply to skin care companies, hair salons, women’s clothing and accessory stores, jewelry boutiques – you name it!

What about health and wellness businesses?

Who else could benefit from this approach? Health clubs, spas, massage centers, and health care practices; chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical coaches, nutritionists, and other solo practitioners. Again, it’s a long list.

Today, we know so much more about nutrition, the benefits of exercise, non-Western remedies, the effects of stress, how connected our self-esteem is to our health and appearance, and that if we women take care of ourselves first we can more easily take care of others. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at how far we’ve come, and to celebrate where we are by renewing our commitment to beauty, health, and wellness – our own, and our customers’.

More ideas to implement

Women’s History Month offers an annual opportunity to promote your beauty, health, or wellness business to women. Find out if your local historical society or museum is celebrating March. If they have no plans, offer to work with them to develop a program that’s a win for you and a win for them. You might consider collaborating with other woman-focused businesses in your community for a larger or multi-week event.

Beyond March, think about ways in which you could insert your historical knowledge of your field into your historical society or museum’s lecture series or newsletter, publish your story in your local newspaper and on your website, create a fun “Did you know?” handout on your subject then and now. The possibilities are endless!

This is an unusual marketing approach for beauty, health, and wellness businesses, but people who live in historical communities really are interested in history and they will appreciate your own interest.

Tips in Choosing Your Beauty Health Products

With all the advertisements that we see everyday about beauty health products, it is no surprise that the industry has turned into a multi billion business. The concept of beauty is always redefined through the new products that come out in the market. People are always convinced to try new products through ads featuring Hollywood stars endorsing these products and giving testimonies on how effective these products are in keeping your skin smooth, removing acne, removing wrinkles, etc.

However, it is important to be choosy about the beauty products that we buy these days. Some of them are full of ingredients that have not been approved by the FDA and therefore may have adverse effects on health. What’s worse is that some of these products that are being sold are just cheap copies of originals. You should always look at the labels, check the ingredients and the name of the manufacturer and the expiry of the product as well.

Choosing The Right Beauty Products

When selecting your beauty products, choose those that are mild and do not contain ingredients which you are allergic to. If the ingredients of a certain beauty product is quite strange to you, make sure that you do your research first before purchasing the product. You can easily find information about ingredients used on beauty products by using the internet.

Consider also the price of the beauty product before you purchase it. You don’t really need to spend a fortune buying an expensive facial cream or a very costly skin lotion that promises to remove stretch marks. Check what other products are available in the market and choose wisely.< take the ads that you see everyday as truth. Most of them are simply marketing tactics to convince people to buy the products. Read product reviews and postings on beauty forums about certain products before you decide to make them part of your everyday beauty routine.

Buy Beauty Health Products

  • Beauty health products are some of the greatest advertising products in the market today and for an excellent motive. Countless people from all over the world buy beauty products to perk up their look and form and simultaneously recover their health. Unluckily, all of these products are not actually what they say to be. In consistence with reports, there are scores of fake products put up for sale in the market and the majority of these fake products can be seen in the shelves of the preferred stores.
  • Even though some of these fake products are secure, the majority of them are in fact overloaded with chemical additives that can spoil your beauty or health. If you actually want to look fine and simultaneously feel fine, you should be very cautious about selecting and purchasing beauty health products. You just cannot select the most inexpensive beauty product from the shop. Plenty of these low-priced products are produced in bulk and do not truly go through high typical quality tests. Actually, a lot of these inexpensive products use low-cost and harmful chemicals as constituents.
  • Discovering and using the correct Beauty Health Products
  • There are numerous things that you should mull over if you buy beauty care products. Firstly, you need to ensure that you’re not allergic to none of the constituents used in the care product. Take a deep view of the label on the product body and ensure that you’re not allergic to none of those constituents listed in there. If you do not know the constituents listed in the product label you should do some research before using the product. Internet is the best place to research about the constituents used in beauty care products. Using internet you would get many information that you may within few minutes.
  • Secondly, you need to mull over a beauty health product and its price. A number of products can really cost you pretty much. If you have less money to pay for pricey products, search for some new brands that are dependable but not so costly. Conversely, if you truly want to purchase those costly products but you may not have enough money to pay their true price, you should wait until these products are put on sale. Good number stores put their products on sale on quarterly or half yearly basis.